Step 1 - Select Digital or Print

Digital: This option is perfect if you want to:

  • Organise your own printing (e.g. at Officeworks, Vistaprint or Optimalprint)
  • Print yourself at home
  • Send your stationery electronically (e.g. via email or social media).

If you select the digital option, your information will be typeset onto the design of your choice, and you will be emailed a proof to review. Once the proof has been approved, you will receive your final, print-ready file via email. You can then arrange printing yourself, or send your file electronically.

Printed:  Choose this option if you would like to have your invitations professionally customised, printed and shipped to your door. Our products are sent for printing at a professional, commerical printery in Perth, WA. The colours are rich, vibrant and saturated. The cutting is crisp. Perfect. Done for you. Choosing the printed option will also allow you to select between different paper stocks, whether you want 1 or 2-sided printing, and you will also have the option to add any additional accessories you may like to add to your order.

Step 2 - Customise Your Design

Wording: When you provide your wording, please ensure it is written exactly how you would like it to appear on your design. If you would like wording in uppercase, please write it in uppercase. If you would like it in sentence case/lowercase, please write it the same way you’d like it to appear! Use the example template as a prompt when entering your wording.

Customisation: If you would like any changes to the design, please include your requests in the ‘wording for your design’ section. Minor changes to font colours and layouts are usually OK, however major alterations to layout and graphics may not be possible, so please contact us before going ahead with your purchase if you require major alterations to the original design.

Step 3 - Add Matching Items

Depending on the type of product you are purchasing, you have the option to add matching accessories to your order (both DIY digital files and printed). Examples of matching accessories include RSVP cards, details/enclosure cards, gift registry cards, menus, table numbers and envelopes.

Step 4 - Finalise Your Order + Review Your Proofs

Once you are ready to checkout, head to your shopping cart (located at the top right of the page) and complete your order. Complete your payment and shipping details. For printed orders, please ensure your shipping details are accurate and up to date. If you are ordering multiple products, I highly recommend ordering everything at the same time, as this will reduce your shipping fees.

Once your order has been placed, the design process begins! Please see ‘Proofs, Printing + Lead Time’ for more information about how long it will take to receive your order.